Sunday, March 13, 2011

PDM chat with friends

Chat with friends yesterday, PDM, find it very interesting, and software companies on behalf of a lot of the mentality of the PDM, specifically concluded, made up to you to see.

The friend and I used to be old colleagues, working for software companies with a PDM, then half a year early I leave, was introduced to the company, a systems integrator. The company's owner allegedly very capable, know a lot of companies run by great people. Ability to impress the boss's business, often a very simple software, can be a great sign the contract. Friends in that company for software business, as previously been engaged in PDM, hope to convince the boss into the PDM in this area.

Personally, I noncommittal. Previously talked to him a partnership. Since it is cooperation, that is what I wish you love, who does not exist who seek. However, because we are a small company, they are big companies, when the dialogue is somewhat unequal.

The time of interview, the company's sales director told me that we have to do it a world-class brands, such as middleware, we are doing, they only do IBM's. And I said, we also have international manufacturers sales and implementation capacity, simply because expensive, Hubei to install the software company under too little. His argument is that if companies do not have money to maintain good customer relations would always wait until the business management and capital ready, go on.

Later, the Internet, a friend told me that he was about to recommend to the boss into the PDM field, let me help of analysis.

I said very simple, your company in Wuhan, the introduction of foreign products is no problem, we can not bypass the problem, as long as you can find the right market opportunities. This market opportunities include: Wuhan, Hubei province as a whole, how much of the market? Do you get the foreign agent whether the prices of goods is lower than we? You have the right people to do the implementation and services?

PDM in the field so long, some understanding of how this market. UGS year, but also the world's one billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Domestic few people together, in the PDM area's income, but also about the 100 million yuan. If this market to do Kingdee or UF, they stick to your teeth may be enough, not to mention there are a dozen large and small suppliers in contention.

Regional foreign software agents do not no, but the foreign suppliers have strict division of different suppliers, the price certainly is not the same, in order to get cheap, only their first well in this market, but with your company were well aware of this market or who do not have the software, how to sell?

Finally people who have been, Teamcenter Windchill decent or project managers are in the 150,000 annual salary of up and down, not including travel grants and the like. Wuhan is known for low wages, your company can pay the price asked people Mody. Even if the starting please, no project, your boss is willing to spend so much money to raise a idlers Why?

He said it does not matter, we have very strong business owner, know a lot of rich people, but also very good.

I said money does not mean stupid. For example I have a good relationship with you, I picked a rock from the roadside to sell you 500 dollars, you are willing to either?, Of course, a meal you do not just casually outside this price, you certainly do not lack the 500, but you will not to, the sale is the same for the PDM.

He said that not the same, stone has no value, PDM value. I said that wrong, but do you think the stone has no value only, such as tea, in fact, it happened also, but he just was tens of thousands of pound of it can possibly believe. For the stone, the only speculation that no one, if it is what it was willing to spend effort or ancient meteorite rocks, as people are willing to pay big bucks to buy.

The same is true for the PDM is concerned, PDM though valuable, but many do a great enterprises are willing to spend tens of thousands or even more than a dozen blocks to the last 10 000 PDM program, because many companies do not currently approved and even information on PDM of value. Of course this is not strange business, I've had articles on the analysis, PDM market wants to break out, first of all is to be born a few of the companies like GE or Boeing, and is completely independent intellectual property rights. When truly a "Made in China", when the value of PDM will be reflected.

He think, that if our own development?

I said that currently the PDM software, homogeneity has been very serious, and you rush into, is that increasing homogenization of this market, you not only did not mention the project, or even a good planners are not, how to develop?

Finally, he thought for a long time, said that after a project, or find someone you look at the way if this cooperation can go through, on the establishment of long-term relationship.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Real-time medical insurance settlement: convenience behind the game

March 15, 2010, Social Security card in the Beijing platform site, the Beijing Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security Office released the sixth installment of the implementation of the Beijing "card for medical treatment, real-time settlement," the list of designated medical institutions. In the list, both the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital such a top three hospital, but also South Mills, Chaoyang District, community health services such as community health service centers. It is understood that before the end of June 2010, more than 1,800 designated medical institutions in Beijing will all open out-patient card clearing functions.

Operations throughout the city convenient measures

In fact, from the start of 2009, the "card health care, real-time settlement," the pilot had a number of medical institutions in Beijing to start.

Peking University, Beijing Xicheng District People's Hospital is the medical insurance card for medical treatment, real-time settlement of the first pilot. January 2009, People's Hospital received a mandate to prepare before the trial began. September 2009, the acceptance by the relevant departments, to become one of the Western District pilot hospitals.

Reporters in Beijing Yuquan Hospital, Tsinghua University affiliated Department charges that a notice, the above reads, from September 4, 2009, the start of this two hospitals with social security card billing medical expenses.

Local districts and counties from the pilot to start in the past six months have been a lot of time, the people of this measure reflects how convenient it? In March of a morning, the reporters came Yuquan Hospital, in the registration process, the reporter observed that the registration of people, nearly half of the people holding the social security card.

A middle-aged man told reporters he was with children to see the doctor, the child's hand was injured when playing basketball, registration fee is 3.5 yuan, and now with "real-time settlement" paid 2 yuan medical insurance co-ordinate themselves today only the actual cash paid 1.5 yuan.

The parents said that in the past, different hospitals have different doctor each card, now have social security card, medical card people, the social security card to become a "card" can replace the hospital's attendance card on no longer appears a person to bring it to the hospital several more cards situation.

It is understood that card for medical treatment, patients in the payment burden on individuals should only pay the medical expenses, medical expenses should be reimbursed by the health insurance sector medical institutions and the direct settlement of insured claims for medical expenses to shorten the time from several months to tens of seconds. Moreover, the individual should be reimbursed for medical expenses be zero advance, and will not appear as in the past, "claims a long cycle, personal advances and more" situation.

In the Yuquan Hospital, a gentleman with chronic diseases, told reporters he wanted to go to a hospital a week and open a number of commonly used drugs in the past may be more than a month for reimbursement of time to wait even longer, but also a variety of instruments not less, is now fully completed by the computer system, for him is registered and the time to show what social security card settlement on the line, very convenient.

According to the Social Security card service platform, Beijing public information site, to the end of February 2010, Beijing Xuanwu only one area of the 43 designated medical institutions, have taken place card transaction data 186 000 pen, out-patient medical costs occur 3312.95 million, the work of medical institutions to run properly.

Action needs to step up efforts

In the interview, reporter friends around a small area of the social security card to receive surveys. Mr. Tang at the Haidian District, the Taiwan-funded enterprises, he told reporters he had received a social security card, but has not been used. Mr. Xue, Ms. Lu, Chaoyang District, respectively, private and foreign work, they did not receive to their own social security card. Reporter after another asked around then About ten friends, of which more than half do not get social security card.

According to the Social Security card service platform in Beijing website publicly available information, eight urban districts of Beijing have issued more than 300 million social security card, some of the district has completed the issuance of social security card insured work, over 99% of the insured have been given a social security card, Fangshan and some suburban districts and counties have already started.

Information, social security card works in accordance with the progress of Beijing demands, social security card issued in the order in line with Beijing's first "urban workers" after "urban residents" of the principle that the first payment of medical insurance for urban workers to participate in the staff, and then release medical insurance for urban residents to participate in personnel. Urban workers and social security card for payment of time divided into four phases: the end of December 2009, before the completion of Shijingshan District Xicheng District, two pilot areas and the release of social security card work; 1st quarter of 2010, began issuing Dongcheng District, Xuanwu District, and Chongwen District's social security card; in 2010 Q2, to Haidian District, Fengtai District, Chaoyang District, and the release of social security card work; second half of 2010, social security card for payment of other county work.

It is understood that the Beijing Municipal social security card service system mainly service outlets by the social security card, social security card hotline, web site and social security card social security card services, self-service terminals in four parts. In which social security card hotline "96102" is the 24-hour service, social security card services self-service terminals also have social security card service network and the city's designated medical institutions for more than two to install. However, reporters found the whole service system is still there to be improvement.

Interview with reporters call the "96102" hotline card which hospitals can be real-time settlement, the operator told us that his hand only the first three to implement "medical card, real-time settlement," the list of designated medical institutions, The fourth, fifth, sixth list also need to press their own online searching. This reporter familiar with the network and Internet conditions to facilitate access by people, This is not any problem, but for some special insured, such as some elderly people, online searching is not easy, the hotline should be the most convenient one query methods.

In the Yuquan Hospital, the reporter saw a social security card self-service terminals have been installed in place, side by side is a self-service payment terminals, but the former appears to be no power on, the screen is also off a layer of ash.

March 24, in Beijing, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Internet users in online communication activities, the council responded to the relevant person in charge users for medical treatment on the social security card real-time settlement of various issues. Some netizens suggested that the current card to the hospital after medical treatment point of view the documents can not reimburse individuals how much money that year, hoping to solve. City Social Council responsible persons who respond, the council has to provide documentation of hospital-related content on the changes, an increase of at their own expense, from the pay line, the year accumulated large medical expenses paid and the balance of mutual funds and other related content. Among them, the "large medical expenses during the year the balance of mutual funds" is also the year the amount of money reimbursed. The revised cost of documents will be May 1, 2010 opening.

There are two sides behind the game

As a convenience and benefit of "livelihood projects", "social security card real-time settlement for medical treatment" behind the need for good information systems as a support system through information and linking hospitals and healthcare centers. And information technology within the organization compared to information technology across the organization are often particularly difficult. To make the city more than 1,800 medical institutions designated open out card clearing functions can imagine the work behind the difficulty of the workload and how great - not only the application of IT technologies, IT system implementation, but also on the original management system, work patterns and business process reform and innovation.

During the interview, the capital of the CIO over the hospital to "Computer World" newspaper reporters that the medical treatment in promoting social security card real-time settlement process, the Health Insurance Center has played a strong role. Undeniable that a strong, overall hospital information technology in promoting the rapid development of construction played a positive role, many hospitals and the medical insurance system for docking, are actively improve or upgrade the existing hospital information systems.

"Even if 0:00, health care centers If people call me to let me go check out, I definitely do not dare." An industry source said, "are afraid to offend any hospital health insurance."

Why should Medicare Centre Hospital so deferential? The industry gave away the secret, on the one hand to grasp a lot of money because of Medicare. In general, for an ordinary two hospitals, health care centers reimbursement amount paid to hospitals around the 100 million yuan, three hospitals, medical insurance amount is even greater, any one president is not such a big healthcare ignore groups. On the other hand, universal health care is a major national policy is an important part of the new medical reform, which the President did not dare go against the theme of this era.

At the same time, the CIO who frankly, medical insurance information system building in the hospital for standard medical procedures also played a very active role. Regulation and promotion through health insurance, the hospital management more scientific: from extensive to elaborate, from vague to precise, from fragments to full control. For example, patient 10 in the morning if you want surgery, but the 8 am opening the medicine has been out since 8 am still in the implementation of preoperative medical advice, after your doctor has not prescribed. In accordance with regulations ban water to fast before surgery, 8 am therefore not in patients taking the medicine. That is, although not in patients taking the drug at 8 am, but hospital charges Shique count this drug. Once found that Medicare does not eat the medicine been charging problems, may have to impose hefty fines on hospitals. Hospital course, very odd, because the hospital information system processes is so developed. So the hospital and medical insurance system when docked, it must begin the process of information systems to optimize.

Practical work, this positive effect has also brought some "side effects." In Beijing, "social security card real-time settlement for medical treatment," the construction of medical institutions, health insurance center feels like a strong "mother," like a bullied his "little wife." The face of strong "mother" of the stringent requirements, "Lady" only orders the implementation of envy, but not with the "mother" equal exchange and dialogue, the "Lady" is nowhere to complain complaining.

Beijing Hospital is a subsidiary of institutions of higher learning in Beijing for medical treatment medical insurance card, real-time settlement of the first trial, received a mandate from, to acceptance by the relevant department, before and after the experience of eight months. "In the last eight months of the implementation process, we always feel very Wohuo." Assistant dean, told reporters Wohuo reason is that hospitals feel relevant agencies and real-time billing technology program is unreasonable.

According to the technical program, medical insurance as a center, in the hospital to install front-end (single), all the front desk to use the front-end exchange. And front-end are all single, no hot standby program, switching between the two front-end server to 15 minutes. This means that the hospital become the healthcare data network can upload the key to successful real-time, less stable.

"We all know, our hospital's network or when the switch will certainly be problems, but if there are problems, Medicare will all liability, all risks are all pushed to the hospital's head." According to information of a hospital in Beijing, director introduced "If a health insurance network or front end problems, the service will be responsible for; if the problem is elsewhere, not only to the reimbursement of medical insurance, but also punish the hospital."

"Looks like a clear distinction in responsibility, in fact, if there are problems after the responsibility is blurred. For example, in the pilot stage, a renowned Orthopedic Hospital of Beijing Medical Insurance from the server be a 'black' the. Hard to say hospital or system's responsibility?, as it is in the design itself can be remotely controlled. "one insider said:" Prime Machine is an extension of health insurance center network, if there are problems, health care centers do not review issues its own structure , do not review their own security, but to push all the responsibility to the hospital. "

All the parties to hear different voices, journalists feel that all is normal. Even as the United States carried out nearly a hundred years of national health insurance system, Obama health care reform have given rise to controversy, argument, and even extremists clamoring to "rise up and overthrow this country."

Medicare reform is definitely a trend, an inevitable development, but also from the Government's original intention and policy of the designer's perspective, certainly hope that the first benefit for the people to ensure that all the improvements in health, followed by the interests of all parties to achieve balance, or to find a coordinated mechanism. Now China is in the initial stage of building universal health insurance, the policy certainly imperfect, supporting local, the parties certainly biased understanding of the place, do not place them there will be a place, or even distorted, and this a process, coordination and balance in the interests of the middle of continuous exploration.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Examples in assembly language, the [] usage

"[]" The use of the "Frequently Asked Questions" has been stated quote:

1, push dword ptr [024c1100] stacking 024c1100 value of the two-word
2, cmp eax, [ebp +14] eax-ebp +14's RMS, not retention, mainly to see the flag
3, cmp byte ptr [eax], 46 byte eax-46, see flags
4, lea eax, [edx-02] Valid values for the edx-02 (an address value) to eax
5, mov ecx, [edx +08] edx +8 value as the address, this address points to the value to ecx

I would like to add a few situations I encountered, with reference to some information and my personal understanding.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
mov instruction used in "[]"

1 - mov [edi], eax ---- the eax value (dword) in the memory address assigned to the value of edi Department
2 - mov [bp-02], dx --- the dx value (word) is assigned in the memory address values of bp-02 Department
3 - mov esi, [BP +14] --- the memory address of BP +14 in the size of the value of the inflow of dword esi register
4 - mov eax, dword ptr [ebp-04] --- put in the memory address of the dword ebp-04 moved into eax register value of the size of
5 - mov eax, dword ptr [0000003Ah] - to 3A of the dword in the size of the memory address value into the eax register
6 - mov cl, byte ptr [34h] - the byte at memory address 34, the size of the value of the register into the cl
7 - mov dx, word ptr [3Eh] - to 3E of the word in the size of the memory address value into the dx register
8 - mov eax, [00403045h] - 403 045 read from the memory address the value of a 32-bit
9 - mov al, byte ptr [eax + ecx] - to the memory address at eax + ecx the byte size of value into the al register

Integrated brackets "[]" is used from the brackets between the value at memory location, not only the value in parentheses on the register and memory address can be.

10 - mov cx, [eax] - put the word in the size of the memory address of the value of eax moved cx register
In mov cx, [eax], the processor will first see what the value of eax with (= memory address), then what is the memory address value, and this word (16 bit, because the target is a 16-cx- bit registers) moved cx.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
cmp instruction used in "[]"

1 - cmp dword ptr [ebp-04], 00000007 - the memory address of ebp-04 in the dword value of the size compared with 00,000,007
2 - cmp byte ptr [si], 00 - si to the byte at memory address value of the size compared with 00

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
lea instruction used in "[]"

1 - lea di, [bp-22] ---- the bp-22 of the RMS (= memory address) to di
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
test instructions used in "[]"

1 - test byte ptr [bx +08 FD]
- Will be located in memory address bx +08 FD Department of value byte size of the logic to determine whether the operation result 00

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C + + Builder to pass other parameters form

Usually created in the IDE application form, to create a form in this way, the form contains only one parameter has a constructor Owner. Owner refers to a form created by the owner of the pointer (usually the owner of the application object or form object). Owner can be Null. To other parameters passed to the form, create another constructor, and use the new operator to enable the form, the next example shows an additional form class constructor, it contains an extra parameter whichButton . This new constructor form themselves in to join the class.

This is a self-compiled constructor, pass an additional parameter whichButton. This constructor uses whichButton parameter to set the form's Caption property of Label control.

Constructor to create multiple instances of the form, choose the most suitable choice for the constructor. For example, the following form, call the button handler nClick create an instance of the use of additional parameters TResultsForm:

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Friday, October 8, 2010

After the way you do business you're considering?

All along, this is like the common and in many cases, can really be understood. Some, however, the situation is really too bad people incomprehensible.

In a way, the companies take different routes can also be said as a business tool, but I always feel, and everyone is taking the price line, the ultimate victims or themselves. The user is next to smiling at the news.

Take today for instance touch the things, one client said to get another price than my original price of the low half of the tool. I really want to fall down, is not never seen such a thing, but now it is too different

I sell the broker, the space can be imagined, Furthermore, as sales of the brand, and then stupid people know that this is the price of any formal company can not enter the arrival. Not even went into this purchase price, but also about what selling price?

This event has involved many reasons for this: the internal reasons for this brand, and management, as well as domestic production occurs slowly re-tool this brand OEM's are as shoddy.

Depressed, the Chinese people that like to do such a thing. Let me first talk about or against this practice, say then say it to your posterior, today, you produce these shoddy things, has been the so-called profits, how much money you can send it? This business will long it?

Also, markets got this point, you can make the market after luxury forget it? These people really do not understand the point of departure in the end is on what? Market a mess, you have to do is not say no to This brand has to screw up. Well, the Chinese people sad.

In fact, such incidents in the tool sector has long been common, I just want to ask next, in the end are we going? Money? Old saying, gentlemen love money, in a proper way.

Profiteer profiteer, may this evil law, I do not dare to Christine violation.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Flash MX Overview 1

Macromedia plans to use Flash MX to change the level of Web development. This article reveals how this new version of the mainstream so that Web clients better, and coming as early as possible MX product line information.

Macromedia has just announced version 6 of Flash interactive development environment and player - Flash MX, and Macromedia MX it as a new strategic plan for the military. Macromedia Flash MX provides a client called rich (rich client) stuff, a content, communication and application on the thin client a high degree of inheritance (thin-client) environments. Now, Flash is also just a Web page in the existing functions of integrated multimedia elements, and in the new version, Flash function be greatly expanded, you can use it to create a complete dynamic site, from content display, to database connectivity, and video debugging. The result is that unprecedented, Flash's ability to integrate multimedia authoring, close to the original Web standards.

Flash MX is the new MX product line in the first product released.

Those who used the Flash 1.0 or earlier FutureSplash Animator (Flash's predecessor) who know the key-frame animation, transform, and vector graphics to bring flexibility to the Internet to bring dynamic image delivery, and gave a simple addition to GIF animation outside alternative. Since then, Flash animation tool from a basic to a complete multimedia authoring environment.

The new interface, new workflow

Through careful and complete platform modifications, the current Flash developers for a new interactive development environment, will feel very comfortable. Most notably, Flash MX offers two compiled pattern, a kind of preparation for the designer and the other to prepare for the developer. This change from the role of the professional division of Flash developers - some people work in the heavy ActionSctipt code, while others primarily for graphic design.

Work area looks are independent, such as Action panel and property panel, however, the new views and new functionality can allow the usual Flash workflow more independent. Some special developers will appreciate the Action panel to improve, especially in the interactive development environment up and down the relevant code of new tips and ActionScript reference.

The following are designers and developers view.

Designers view

Developer view

Flash MX also introduced a shared library assets. Users, or both in design and run-time objects can be shared more easily manage the common parts, as well as streaming video itself. For more conducive to a high degree of management in the development of the production environment, Flash MX can be directly and SiteSpring integration, SiteSpring is Macromedia workflow management server, the user can log in and log out the contents of the upgrade status, and let his team do not leave Jiaohu development interface can communicate.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good opening to sell more with less

Salesman talking with potential customers is required before the appropriate opening. Opening is good or bad, almost a visit to determine the success or failure, in other words, a good opening, that is half the success salesmen. Creative marketing expert used the following opening statement.

1. To make money or save money for the topic

Almost all of the people are interested in money, save money and make money easily lead to customer interest. Such as:

"Zhang, I'll tell you to save half of your electricity bill method."

"King director, our machines than your current machine speed, low power consumption, more accurate, can reduce your cost of production."

"Chen Director, would you like an annual production in the towel and save up to 5 millions of dollars?"

2. Starting from the praise

Everyone likes to hear a good listener, customers are no exception. Therefore, the praise has become a good way to approach customers.

Praise be to find another client may have been overlooked feature, so that your words are sincere. Compliment if sincere, would be flattering, this effect is not good.

Difficult than flattering praise, it must first be thought, not only must have sincerity, but also to select the set goals.

"Wang, your house is beautiful." It sounds like flattery. "Wang, the hall of your house are designed to be really unique." This sentence is in the praise.

Here are two examples of praise of customers opening.

"Forest Management, I listened to China and the United States General Zhang said garment factory, to do business with you most happy enough. He praised that you are an enthusiastic, straightforward people."

"Congratulations, you ah! General Lee, I just saw your message the newspapers, congratulate you on your election as the Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs."

3. Use of curiosity

Modern psychology shows that curiosity is one of the basic motives of human behavior. Professor Liu Anyan said, "Exploration and curiosity, it seems that the general human nature, the mysterious, secret things, are often concerned about the attention we are familiar with the object." Customers who are not familiar with, understand, do not know, or something different, often unnoticed, salesman can use to arouse curiosity to all, the attention of customers.

A salesman to the customer, said: "Lao Li, the world's most lazy you know what is?" Confused customers, but also very curious. The salesman continued, "is that you do not hide the money. They could have been used to purchase air conditioning, so you enjoy a cool summer."

Customers of a carpet salesman, said: "Every day spent only six hours a hair can make your bedroom carpeted." Customers have been surprised, salesman, said: "Your bedroom 12 square meters, our factory price of each carpet square meters of 24.8 yuan, so be 297.6 yuan. I can be paved with a carpet factory 5 years, 365 days a year, so the cost per day is only a corner six minutes. "

Salesman create mysterious atmosphere, causing the other's curiosity, then, in answering questions, the techniques to introduce the product to the customer.

4. Referred to the relevant third party and customer

Tell the customer, is a third party (customer's relatives and friends) want you to come to him. This is a devious tactic, because every person has "no face to see the Buddha Monk" mentality, so most people are introduced to family and friends are very polite salesman. For instance: "Ho, your friends asked me to come to you Mr. Zhang Anping, he thought you might be interested in our printing machinery, because these products bring many benefits to his company and convenience."

Name of someone else's flag to promote their own methods, although very useful, but bearing in mind that there must be man and his deeds, not likely to fabricate their own, otherwise, the customer once the check up, we should step ahead of pursuit of the.

In order to gain the trust of customers, if recommenders produce business cards or letter of introduction, better results.

5. Cite a famous example of a company or person

People's buying behavior is often affected by other people, salespeople can seize this psychological customers, make good use of, will receive very good results.

"Lee Director, 脳 脳 adopted the company's counterfeit our proposal, the company's business conditions improved significantly."

Give well-known company or person, for example, can be strong momentum of its own, especially if the example is precisely the nature of the customer respect or the same business, the effect is even more significantly.

6. Customers are most concerned about proposed

Salesman questions directly to the customer, using questions to cause the customer's attention and interest. Such as:

"Zhang factory director, do you think affect your factory product quality factors is that?" Product quality is of course one of the greatest concern manager, salesman was such a question no doubt will lead gradually into each other's interviews.

Should pay attention to the use of this technique, a salesman's question, should be most concerned about other issues, questions must be clear and specific, must not speech unclear, ambiguous, or difficult to arouse the attention of customers.

7. Providing information to customers

Salesman to the customer to provide some helpful information to customers, such as market conditions, new technology and product knowledge will lead to customer's attention. This requires the salesperson to the customer's position to stand on, for the sake of customers, as far as possible to read newspapers and market information to enrich their knowledge, has trained himself to become experts in the industry. Customers may just go on the salesman, but the experts are very respected. If the customer said: "I saw such and such publication of a new invention, that is useful to your plant."

Salespeople to provide customers with information, care of the customer's interests, but also gained the respect of customers and goodwill.

8. Cultural Show

Salesmen use of dramatic action to demonstrate the features of the product, can cause the most customer attention.

Supplies salesman, a fire after seeing customers, not in a hurry to speak, but from the bag and took out a fire suit, to mount a large paper bag, paper bag immediately lit a fire, burn bags, etc. after which the clothes are still intact. The dramatic performances, so that customers had a great interest. Sell High tie of the assistants said "This is a high-level ties Admiralty brand," which have little effect, however, if the tie is crumpled, and then easily leveled, said "This is a high-level ties Admiralty brand," people can stay the profound impression.

9. Use of products

Salesmen use to sell products to the customer's attention and arouse interest. Most important feature of this approach is to make products for self-introduction, with the charm of products to attract customers.

A director of township enterprises in Henan Province to plant new production design, exquisite workmanship of the shoes into the Zhengzhou Hualian desk manager, the manager can not help but eye-catching, asked: "Which production? How much a pair?" Case plant in Guangzhou to Shanghai to watch salesman to sell three plants, they prepared a product box, which put exquisitely, an array of new products into the box after the door opened suddenly attracted customers.

10. To ask customers

Salesman problem using the method to ask customers to lead to customer attention.

Some people become much always like guidance, education, others, or show themselves. Intends to find some salesmen do not understand the problem, or do not know understand installation advice to customers. Customers generally do not seek advice of the salesman refused to modest.濡傦細 鈥滅帇鎬伙紝鍦ㄨ绠楁満鏂归潰鎮ㄥ彲鏄笓瀹躲?杩欐槸鎴戝叕鍙哥爺鍒剁殑鏂板瀷鐢佃剳锛岃鎮ㄦ寚瀵硷紝鍦ㄨ璁℃柟闈㈣繕瀛樺湪浠?箞闂?鈥濆鏂瑰氨浼氭帴杩囩數鑴戣祫鏂欎俊鎵嬬炕缈伙紝涓?棪琚數鑴戝厛杩涚殑鎶?湳鎬ц兘鎵?惛寮曪紝鎺ㄩ攢渚垮ぇ鍔熷憡鎴愩?


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