Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C + + Builder to pass other parameters form

Usually created in the IDE application form, to create a form in this way, the form contains only one parameter has a constructor Owner. Owner refers to a form created by the owner of the pointer (usually the owner of the application object or form object). Owner can be Null. To other parameters passed to the form, create another constructor, and use the new operator to enable the form, the next example shows an additional form class constructor, it contains an extra parameter whichButton . This new constructor form themselves in to join the class.

This is a self-compiled constructor, pass an additional parameter whichButton. This constructor uses whichButton parameter to set the form's Caption property of Label control.

Constructor to create multiple instances of the form, choose the most suitable choice for the constructor. For example, the following form, call the button handler nClick create an instance of the use of additional parameters TResultsForm:

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